Introduction to Thynk Home Page

Introduction to Thynk Home Page

Learning Objectives

In this article, you will …  

  1. Get a tour of the Thynk Home Page

  2. See what the components on your Home Page are

  3. Know what you can change on the Home Page

Thynk Home Page

When you log in, you open up to the Thynk Home Page.  Every user gets a basic standard home page. If you want to add reports onto this Home Page, want to see other information, you should ask your Thynk Admin for guidance. 

In this lesson, we will give you a tour of the Home Page so you understand how to use it and what you can do from it.  

  1. When you log into Thynk, you are taken to the Home Page, where you will see tabs across. These are the standard ones, but you can customise them in the next lesson. You can add tabs, remove them, and move them around.  

  2. Above the tabs, there is a very important field that you will use all the time, called ‘global search’. Here you can search accounts, contacts, bookings, events. This is used all the time, when you want to edit an existing booking, or find add a booking to an account, or find a contact you have just spoken with to log a call, for instance. 

  1. Under the tabs, you will also see the BOB CY (Business on the Books Current Year), today’s events (your appointments), today’s tasks (all your traces/tasks needing to be dealt with today. On the right, you see recent records, and recent items. You can click into anything to access further information. If you click onto the BOB ‘View Report’ you can see all the bookings that have gone into this chart.

  2. On the top right is the Global Actions (+) button that lets you perform a few tasks right from the home page: check availability, check the scheduler, you can create a nw note, a new event (appointment), new task, log a call, and send an email.

  1. Moving to the right, the button next to the plus is the guidance center for Salesforce help (not Thynk specific), the question mark next to that is the Salesforce Help & Training where you can search for help topics. The next icon, a cog, is access to Setup for Thynk admins. 

  1. The last icon is for your own personal settings.

  1.  And that’s the Home Page!  

Best Practices for the Home Page

  • Every user can customise their home page to a certain extent. Moving tabs around and adding or deleting them will not affect other users.

  • Only the Admin will be going into Setup.


  1. How to personalise tabs on your Home Page - Knowledge Base article

  2. How to change list views - Knowledge Base article 

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