Updating the Agreed, Expected, Guaranteed, Set Guest Numbers

Updating the Agreed, Expected, Guaranteed, Set Guest Numbers

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know how to…. 
  1. Enter in agreed, expected, guaranteed, set guest numbers in a booking event

Updating Guest Numbers in your Booking Event

In the booking process, it’s quite common to estimate how many guests you expect, guarantee, and set for servicing your F&B events. Typically, the Sales Manager will enter the ‘agreed’ number of guests in the booking event when they are creating bookings, however, depending on your SOP, a different department could be expected to enter ‘Actual Guests’ numbers into the event once it has completed.  Make sure to follow your SOPs. 

Either way, this is how you can update these numbers in your booking event by following these steps: 

  1. Find the booking event by searching for the booking in the global search field. You can also go to your function diary and edit events from there.

  2. Click on the booking, and go to the ‘Related tab’ on the right. 

  3. Scroll down to the ‘Events’ section and find the event you want to update and click on it. 

  1. When you open the event, scroll down to the section called ‘Guests’.

  1. On the booking event, in the top section called ‘Information’, the ‘Agreed Guests’ is the number the sales manager would enter when creating the booking event.  This number is included in client facing documents (proposals, contracts etc.)

  2. While not mandatory, the’ Guests’ section is a place that can be edited to show: 

    1. ‘Expected Guests’ - based on prior experience on the type of booking or this customer, you may know that the numbers wash down (or up), so you can enter this number here. (This is for internal use only.)

    2. ‘Guaranteed Guests’ - can be used for proposal and contracts. The sales manager may have agreed with the customer that they will guarantee the number of guests so if the number of guests drops down the property can charge based on guaranteed guests. 

    3. ‘Set Guests’ - is the number of place settings for the event for the operational teams when they are setting up the tables. This is for internal use only and can be used on BEOs to alert the kitchen staff and the conference services/banquets teams.

    4. ‘Actual Guests’ - this is the final number of guests that turned up to the event, upon completion of the booking event. If the lunch was agreed for 25, set for 30 (in case more people dropped by), the actual may have been 28, you’d want to update the ‘actual guest’ field to 28.

  3. When done click on ‘Save’.

Best Practices for Updating your Guest Numbers

  • Please follow your own SOPs.  Every property will have their own SOPs on which department updates the guest numbers. In some cases, the conference services team will update the actuals on events. In some it can be the sales or catering teams. 


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