How to Check a Booking has Been Sent to the PMS

How to Check a Booking has Been Sent to the PMS

Learning Objectives

This article will help you …. 

  1. Understand how you can check if a booking has been sent to your PMS

  2. Understand who decides at what point a booking is sent to the PMS

  3. Know how to confirm if a booking has been sent successfully to your PMS

Checking if Booking has been sent to the PMS

If your property has Thynk connected to your PMS all your group bookings with guest rooms will be sent automatically to your PMS. 

During onboarding, your Thynk admin chooses a booking status at which bookings are sent to the PMS. This helps ensure that rooms are blocked in the PMS only once the booking is far enough along the sales process. 

For example, if the system is set up to only send to PMS at Tentative status, this means that if it has an earlier status such as Proposal, the booking will not be sent to the PMS. When the booking status changes to Tentative, all of the guest rooms blocked at the nightly rates shown in the room block manager will be sent to the PMS. 

Once sent, you’ll see the following in Thynk: 

  • A reservation guest- this is an autogenerated primary guest on the booking that allows reservations to be created before you have the full guest list.

  • A PMS Block- check your specific PMS Integration guide to see how this maps to your PMS. It’s often the “Group” or the “Block”.

  • Reservations - these are the reservation records for each guest room. Until your rooming list is uploaded, they won’t link to specific guest records. 

To check if the booking has gone successfully to the PMS, follow these steps: 

  1. Find the booking, and open it.

  2. If the booking has reached the correct booking status, look at the ‘Rooming List’ tab on the right of the booking. You’ll see a system generated number in the ‘Reservation Guest’ field.

  1. Also on the right side of the booking, in the ‘Rooming List’ tab,  scroll down to see a list of reservations that have been created. If there are no reservations listed here, the group has not been sent to your PMS.

  2. On the PMS tab you should see a PMS Group ID. 

Best Practices for Checking if a Booking has been sent to the PMS

  • A certain level of booking status must be reached before a group is sent to the PMS.

  • This booking status is decided by your leadership during the initial configuration.

  • Only bookings with guest rooms are sent to the PMS.


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  2. Opera Integration Guide - Knowledge Base article

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