How to update Post Event Details on Sales Programs

How to update Post Event Details on Sales Programs

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson you will know how to…. 

  1. Update the sales program after the event

  2. How to track who attended

  3. How to repeat the event 

  4. How to track ROI to see if the event was successful

  5. How to see what inquiries or bookings were generated from this program

Updating Post Event Information 

Once the event has passed, you can update your information in Thynk. 

  1. To update the sales program details after the event, pull up your Sales Program and in the Details tab, you can update the following: 

Completed - check this checkbox after the event

Repeat Program - check this if you want to repeat it again (maybe it was such a success and you’ve decided to make it a quarterly event) - Note: Add yourself a new task for when you want to plan your next repeat program! 

Actual Spend - enter the amount of actual spend so it can be compared to the forecast spend.

  1. In the Description section, enter in any Post Sales Program Notes which will help you when reviewing this event with your team, and to evaluate whether you’d want to repeat it or how to improve it. 

  2. To update attendance, go to the Related tab on the sales program, look down at the Sales Program Invitations section, and click on the name of the contact to edit by clicking on the pencil, or you can go to the right and click on the down arrow and Edit. Either way, click into the checkbox Attended and Save.

  1. Repeat for all contacts. In the future we will allow multiple edits so you don’t have to do this one contact at a time.

  2. On the sales program in the Detail tab, you will see the following Invitations information overall. These numbers automatically roll up from the various contacts you marked as ‘invited’ and ‘attended’ in this sales program: 

  1. In the Related tab, you will see a list of Inquiries, and Bookings that resulted from this program.  These come from the inquiries and bookings entered into Thynk by your sales teams - make sure to tell your sales team to denote that those inquiries or bookings are a result of the sales program! If they track it there, you will see them here! 

  1. Lastly for sales program ROI, refer to the Sales Program dashboard!

Best Practices 

  • The Inquiries and Bookings appear in the sales program only if the sales team is completing the Sales Program field. 


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