Overview on Function Spaces

Overview on Function Spaces

Learning Objectives
In this article, you will learn…
  1. What is a function space
  2. What are the different types of function spaces
  3. Where can I view all our function spaces
  4. How to add a function space to an event
  5. How capacities work with function space

Function Spaces on Thynk

A function space refers to a space within a property that can either be built as ‘privatized’ or ‘shareable’. During the onboarding process, our team assists in configuring these spaces to suit your needs, but your administrator can also customize them. For instance, a ‘privatized’ space could be a meeting room, while a ‘shareable’ space could be a restaurant.

These Function Spaces can also be categorized as parent and child spaces (also known as ‘Combination Spaces’).

For example, consider the Grand Ballroom as the parent space since it can be divided into two separate rooms. In this case, we would have Grand Ballroom A and Grand Ballroom B as the child spaces.

To access a list of all active function spaces, you can refer to your Function Diary (Scheduler). The information is organized by property, but you also have the option to filter spaces based on specific properties. To deactivate a function space, your admin can do this on the function space. If a whole property is deactivated, this will also automatically deactivate any function spaces within that property.

Adding Function Spaces on an event

To add a function space to your new event, simply click ‘New’ on events
Click on New
Click on ‘Search function space’ a drop down list will appear, if you continue to type will continue searching as you type.

Click on Grandballroom

From here you can add the setup of the function space (for example, boardroom), the function type (for example, Lunch) and more!

We also have the capability to track requested function spaces, providing your team with visibility into the client's original requests. Read more about requested function spaces here

Capacities on Function Spaces

Your admin sets capacities for function spaces. For privatized function spaces, both a 'Total Capacity' and each type of 'Setup Capacities' can be configured, while shareable spaces only have a 'Total Capacity' option. Below is an example of what a privatized space would look like.

As a user when you make a reservation for an event, specifying a setup type (e.g., boardroom or circle) determines the maximum capacity based on that setup. If the setup's capacity field is empty, the system uses the 'Total Capacity' of the function space. If both the setup and total capacity fields are empty, the system considers it an unlimited capacity space.

Best Practices for Function Spaces

  1. Always follow the SOPs set by your management team.


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