Tracking Requested Function Spaces

Tracking Requested Function Spaces

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In this article, you will learn…
  1. About Requested Function Spaces
  2. Where to track Requested Function Spaces
  3. How to track Requested Function Spaces

About Requested Function Spaces

It’s critical for many users to accurately track demand for function spaces. Because of this Thynk has a "Requested Function Space" field available on booking events. You can use this to capture demand for lost bookings, to report on which spaces are requested by your sales team members who are not able to overbook, and to accurately track customer wishes, regardless of where they end up booking.

How & Where to Track Requested Function Spaces

You can find the ‘Requested Function Space’ field on any Booking Event. Below is a screenshot of what it would look like:

Tracking Requested Function Spaces is fairly easy as it’s an automated process. Even though it's automated, you have the option to manually add or remove a function space in the designated field.

Only one function space can be monitored here.
It's important to know that the automation is a one-time event; once a function space is assigned to the requested function space field, there won't be any further automated actions.
  1. When an event is created, the first function space assigned will automatically show within the requested function space.
  2. If the event is bumped out of their original space, the requested function space will still show the original space.

Best Practices for Requested Function Spaces

  1. Always follow your internal SOPS for any differences when tracking Requested Function Spaces
  2. Review the requested function spaces to ensure they align with what the client requested. This helps in staying updated and making necessary modifications promptly.
  3. Know that the automation occurs only once. Once a function space is placed in the requested field, further automated actions won’t take place. Plan accordingly for any additional adjustments needed.

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