Package Items

Package Items

Packages are made up of components, or items. There are four types of package items that can be added to packages: Combo Products, Hotel Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Other. As you add components to packages or custom quote packages, you will be guided through the unique information required on each type. 

All package items require the following information: 

  • Name 

  • Product 

  • Start & End Time 

  • Unit Price 

Combo Products & Other can be added to Meeting Rooms if they exist on the package. All package items can be discounted.

Combo Products 

Read more about Combo Products here. In our July 2022 product release we announced the availability of Combo Products in packages. The benefit of adding a Combo Product to a package item is that when generating contracts for customers, the combo appears as a single line, even if it is made up of many more components.  

In the example below, lines 4-6 on the package can be represented as four package items referencing 4 individual products. 

Or they can be represented as 2 package items representing 2 combo products. Each Combo Product would then contain the 2 product components. 

An important note is that although Combo Products are now available, they are only available to add to new packages (meaning packages that have not yet been added to bookings). Additionally, once Combo Products have been added to a booking, they will no longer be editable. 

You’ll notice when adding Combo Products to a package that there is no VAT category. This is because the VAT category comes from the individual product items that make up the combo.

Hotel Rooms 

In addition to the information on Combo Products, the package component called 'Hotel Rooms' has some additional fields. 

These include: 

  • Type of Occupancy 

  • Room Type 

  • Rate

After September 2022’s release, you can add packages of additional occupancy, with a few restrictions. 

  1. Only one hotel room may be added as a package item to all packages. 

  2. When adding packages to a booking, the Guests on the package must be a multiple of the occupancy type. As an example, if your package has double occupancy rooms, the Guests entered when you add that package to a booking must be an even number. If occupancy is triple, that Guests must be a multiple of 3. 

  3. Even for Custom Price packages, hotel rooms cannot be modified. 

Meeting Rooms 

Meeting Rooms contain three unique fields in packages: Function, Resource, and Master Meeting Space. 

Once added to a package, package items of “Other” type and "Combo Product' type can also be linked to the meeting room. 

On the bottom of your screen, there is field called ‘Applied Day’.  Hover over the i button to see the Help Text for it. Basically, if this package item is to be offered on a specific day of the booking, you can define it here, or leave it blank. 

Other Products 

For any other products that are not guest room, meeting room, or combo products, select the 'Other Products'. The biggest difference for “Other” products is that 'Type' still must be selected. The defaults are Food, Beverage, and Equipment. The product selection will be restricted by the choice of 'Type'. Additionally, "Other" products have a field for unit- meaning the number of units that are added. As you can see, they can also be linked to a Meeting Room.

There is a field available called 'Order #' on Package Items to support sorting Package Items on customer documentation. If you would like to use this field, please contact Thynk support who can add this for you. 

Best Practices 

  • Only Admins can create and modify packages for sales colleagues to use on bookings. 

  • Admins should get the correct information on packages, pricing, discounting from their leadership to make sure the sales team is using the correct pricing. 


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