September 2023 Product Updates

September 2023 Product Updates


Bookings contain details such as the account information, contact for the booking, guest rooms blocked, function rooms, commissions, packages, and more.  Here are the latest updates to help you manage your bookings more effectively and efficiently. 

  • The process of managing commissions on a booking has been updated so that anytime a booking is changed from commissionable to non-commissionable the associated commission records are recalculated. 

  • Additional updates have been delivered to the standard Booking layout so that depending on Tax Type and PMS Connection, certain required data is hidden and shown.

  • As we continue to improve standard labels, the Deposit object is now called "Payment Schedule." If a customer would like to keep the old label, you can relabel tabs.

  • Each property admin defines the standard number of days before arrival and after departure to set up ‘shoulder dates’ on bookings. These shoulder dates can always be modified by the sales team on the booking. If the ‘change dates’ button is used on a booking to move the arrival date, the shoulder dates on the booking will reset to the standard range relative to the new arrival. 

Guest Rooms

  • One of the biggest changes in this release is a long time request from many of you. While it is helpful to auto-update the guest count of products, events and packages when the guest count is changed on the booking, it is often frustrating when guest rooms are auto-updated and ends up creating inconsistency. From this point forward, guest rooms will always be independent from the guest number on the booking and counts can always be modified in the Room Block Manager. 

  • When Average Rate is updated in the Room Block Manager, the related Guest Room prices are now updated.

  • On the booking, a standard field to track rooming list due date is now available. Each property admin can define a number of days before arrival on which the rooming list is due. The property admin can define this in the field "Number of days before rooming list due" on Property. Then, by default on every booking the rooming list due date field will be set to the booking's arrival date minus the number of days. 

    • This date can always be modified by sales managers on the booking and will be updated if the arrival date of the booking changes. 

    • This will enable your team to create automated reminders and trigger outreach on the rooming list due date. 

  • Based on your feedback, we have made the fields that capture Total Room Nights and Average Daily Rate (ADR) on a booking available on the booking object for reporting purposes. You can also see total room nights in the room block manager. In an upcoming release, you will also see ADR under total rate. 

The following fields have been added:

  • Guest Room: 

    • Number of Nights: departure date - arrival date 

    • Total Rooms Nights: sum of quantity across all nights 

    • Average Daily Rate: Average nightly rate for the guest room (room type). $0 Room nights are excluded from this calculation.

  • Booking:

    • Total Room Nights: Formula (sum of all related guest room total room nights) 

    • Average Daily Rate: Same as guest room ADR but at booking level.

  • The Cutoff Date on a guest room is used to determine the day at which any rooms without reservations will be released back into inventory. In Thynk, there is validation in place to ensure that newly added guest rooms have a cutoff date greater than today's date. Previously, this validation also prevented changes to the guest room. Beginning with this release, the Cutoff Date will only be checked when creating new guest rooms on a booking.

Function Spaces

  • A new standard layout for Function Space is included in this release. For shareable spaces, the guests per setup section will be hidden as only the maximum capacity is applied.

  • A function space may have "child" function spaces that are blocked any time the parent space is reserved for an event. In this release, any time a child function space is shareable, it is automatically privatized and blocked during the full duration of the event in the parent space. 

    • Additionally, a space with child combinations cannot be shareable. As an example, you may have a full outdoor buyout function space that includes the patio, the pool and the beachfront bar. The pool and beachfront bar may both be shareable spaces that frequently accommodate  multiple groups at once. However, the full buyout space cannot be sharable, as it is by design grouping multiple spaces into one private event.

  • As you review inquiries, it is important to check your property's availability. On bookings, there's an easy button to open the function diary straight from the booking. The same option is now available from an inquiry and will automatically open the function diary in a new browser tab with the inquiry's start and end date selected. 

  • Oftentimes at the inquiry stage on a booking, function space is sold on a first come, first served basis. This means that if you have four different bookings in inquiry status with events in the same space at the same time, none of the events are really "overbooked" until at least one booking goes into a tentative stage, at which point the inquiry stage bookings are placed on a waitlist for the space. 

    • By default, the inquiry status on the booking will be excluded from overbooking. As soon as a booking goes to the first stage where overbooking does apply, you will see that any events on an inquiry stage booking that are in conflict will be updated with an overbooking message and placed on the waitlist in the order they were created. 


  • As a follow up to the addition of Per Unit pricing, the pricing type field is now available for admins to define at the product level. This will then be used as the default any time that product is added to a booking. 

    • As an example, if a projector is always priced per unit, this can be set by admins when they define the prices for the projector and your sales managers won't have to worry about changing the pricing type from per guest to per unit each time they add a projector to a booking.

  • Some products sold by your property may only ever be sold when included in a package. To prevent having these items sold outside of a package, this release includes a new checkbox on the product (for admins only) called "Package Only." If checked, the product cannot be added directly to a booking, only to a package. 

  • In this release, you can now change prices on combo items, even after the combo has been added to a booking. 

Sales Admin

  • For admins creating rate periods, a filter has been added to the product list to ensure that only products for the rate's property are shown.

Labels & Other Misc. Updates

  • Sometimes a property that was once a part of your portfolio changes ownership and is no longer active with Thynk. Rather than delete the property, lose data and create friction if that property ends up back on Thynk, you want to deactivate the property and hide the name from property lists in Thynk. We now have an "active" checkbox on the property that admins can uncheck. 

PMS Connectivity

Two-way integrations with PMS  providers ensure that your data is always up-to-date and clean. We include integration with Oracle Opera, Mews and Stayntouch. As you share your feedback, we continue to optimize the experience and take advantage of new features that our partners are releasing on their roadmap.  Here are some of the features we have added to the Thynk platform to create a seamless experience where you can do your work in Thynk and trust that data is flowing with your other systems.


  • Our Stayntouch integration will pull rates into Thynk from the first night of a reservation. It is assumed that the rate will always be the same for every night of the reservation.


  • We added a mapping to our Opera PMS Daily Subtotal read integration. Now, the field 'ReservationPMSId__c' shows the Opera reservation confirmation number, even if the Reservation record could not be found. This will help with data reconciliation.


  • We solved a problem with our Mews integration that Items already in Thynk, but then canceled in Mews, weren't canceled in Thynk. 

  • To better support individual pickup, reservations are now matched to a Booking when they are made directly in Mews.  The data related to Reservation Guests for these reservations is now also pulled into the related Rooming List records.

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