March 2023 Product Updates

March 2023 Product Updates

Bookings (Formerly Quotes)

In this release, we've shifted from the naming convention of MYCE Quotes to Bookings. Rather than searching for "MYCE Quotes" in the navigation, you can type “Bookings”. We've also included updates to field labels on the booking screen and related data like Products and Events - more details on this below.

On the booking, a big change throughout the user experience is changing "Pax'' as “Guests”. You will also notice that:

  • Release Date is now named Cutoff Date

  • Stage is is now called Status

  • Fields that were previously called Agent and Agent Contact are now Agency and Agency Contact

In the PMS section, these are PMS Agency Account and  PMS Company Account. Check out the knowledge base for a refresher on PMS Accounts .

When viewing the related section of the booking, there are new labels as well:   

  • Quote Hotel Rooms are now Guest Rooms  

  • Meeting Packages are now Packages   

  • Meeting Rooms are now Events  

  • Quote Products are now Products

Booking Dashboard in Thynk

Booking Dashboard in Thynk

Finally, we updated the Group Booking label to "Room Block Manager." Within the Room Block Manager, rather than adding hotel rooms, you'll add Guest Rooms. A new scroll bar was added to the list of available room types shown when splitting a package to help you see the complete list and allocate room types more efficiently.

All financial fields have been grouped into a finance section and notes fields to a notes section to help you find the data you need quickly.

Room Block Manager in Thynk

Room Block Manager in Thynk

Guest Rooms (Formerly Quote Hotel Room)

Moving on to the guest room management, you will see the shift from  "Quote Hotel Room" to "Guest Room" and "Quote Hotel Room Price" to "Nightly Rate." Since a guest room of a single room type and occupancy type can have a different rate for each night of say a multi-night stay, we create a nightly rate record for each night of the stay.

When you are viewing a booking, there is now a list of Guest Rooms. Clicking into a guest room, you'll see that each guest room is connected to a Booking for a room type. Each guest room also has an arrival and departure date as well as a Cutoff Date (formerly Release Date).

Booking's Guest Rooms in Thynk

Booking's Guest Rooms in Thynk

Nightly Rate of the Booking's Guest Room

On the related information for a Guest Room, you can see the Nightly rates for each guest room.

Detailed Nightly Rate of the Booking's Guest Room

If you select a nightly rate, you'll notice that Unit Price has been renamed to "Room Rate." These rates are set by default based on the selected rate plan, and can be modified on the Room Block Manager grid or on the Nightly Rate record.

Booking Products (Formerly Quote Products)

When viewing a product on a booking, there are a few naming changes to note:

  • Pax is now Guests

  • Meeting Room is now Event

  • Resource is now Function Space

Additional filtering has also been added based on product type so you will only see products of type combo on the related combo items list.

Combo Items/ Booking Combo Items (Formerly Product Combo Component and Quote Combo Product Component)

Check out the knowledge base for a refresher on combo products . If, as an admin, you are creating a product of type combo, now you can add "Combo Items" to that Combo Product. Each Combo Item connects a product to the parent Combo Product.

Related Combo Items in Thynk

Related Combo Items in Thynk

Detailed Related Combo Items in Thynk

When you add a Combo product to a booking, you'll see the Related Booking Combo Items.

Booking Product Combo in Thynk

Booking Product Combo in Thynk

Booking Events (Formerly Quote Meetings Rooms)

Consistent with the language on the Function Diary (previously Scheduler), "Quote Meetings Rooms" will now be "Booking Events."

In addition to seeing the related list on the booking for Booking Events, there are some additional changes you'll see now when editing an event:

  • Pax and Actual Pax are now Expected and Actual Guests

  • If an event is a part of a package, you'll see a reference to the Package and Package Item.

  • Resource is now Function Space

  • Change Resource Button is now Change Function Space

  • Show Meeting Room Name checkbox is now Show Event Name

Booking Packages (Formerly Quote Packages)

When you add a package to a Booking, you'll now notice that instead of "Quote Package," you add a “Booking Package”. A Booking Package contains Booking Package Items.

Booking Package Items can be any of the following:

  • Guest Rooms (previously hotel rooms)

  • Events (previously quote meetings rooms)

  • Products (previously quote products)

Function Spaces and Diary (Formerly Resources and Function Diary)

Function Space in Thynk

You have noticed above by now that we have transitioned from the naming of a “Resource” to “Function Space”.

Function Diary in Thynk

To be consistent, we have updated the “Scheduler” to “Function Diary”. Function Spaces are any physical space that can be reserved for events. The Function Diary is a visual calendar view of all your function spaces so that you can easily manage events and availability.

When creating function spaces, you'll notice that "Parent Resource" is now “Function Diary Parent Space" .

You’ll also notice when managing function spaces that “Resource Groups” are now “Combination Spaces”.

Function Diary Update

  • A previous release enabled two options when viewing events on the Function Diary: Split Event and Open Event. In this release, we have disabled the Split Event option so right clicking on an event only shows "Open Event."

BEO (Formerly Function Sheet)

We are officially relabeling the Function Sheet to BEO. In addition to this change, you'll see the following:  

  • FS Date is now BEO Date  

  • Function Sheet is now BEO  

  • Function Sheet Day is now BEO Day  

  • Function Sheet Id is now BEO Id

Mews Block Inventories (Madjustments)

For customers integrated to Mews PMS, Thynk sends both a Block and Mews Block Inventories to the PMS. We have renamed "Madjustments" to "Mews Block Inventories."

When viewing an inventory record, you'll also notice:

  • Quote Hotel Room is now Guest Room

Rooming List

Check out the knowledge base for a refresher on Rooming Lists .

  • When using individual pickup with the rooming list, we now ensure that if changes are made to the Booking that impact reservation dates, the rooming list records are recreated with the updates reflected. Individual pickup is set at the Booking Level on the Rooming List tab - see below.

Rooming List in Thynk

Rooming List in Thynk

  • Blank rows in rooming list uploads are now ignored. There's no longer a need to format your rooming list to exclude blanks.

  • The guest record that is created in the rooming list upload process is now also set as the customer on the reservation. As seen in the image below, whenever a guest is created via the rooming list upload, that same guest is attached to the reservation as the customer and any changes made via the rooming list will also update that guest in both Thynk and your PMS.

Guest Record in the Rooming List in Thynk

Guest Record in the Rooming List in Thynk

We understand that at the time of uploading a rooming list, you may need to make changes to the reservation dates directly on the upload. You are now able to change the arrival and departure dates of reservations via the rooming list upload in Thynk, as long as:

  • Both reservation arrival and departure dates fall within the Guest Room date range

  • The arrival date is before the departure date

  • Both arrival and departure date are specified

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