August 2023 Product Updates

August 2023 Product Updates

Accounts & Contacts

Accounts are companies with whom you are doing business. They may include agencies. Contacts are people working for these companies and agencies. 

  • To help maintain up to date Account information, a new field was added on the Account called "Inactive Reason."
    • The standard options are
      •  Out of Business
      • Under Review 
      • Pending Approval.
    • To deactivate an account, you must provide a reason. 
    • Your admin can also add new values to the list above if desired. 
  • When creating and managing accounts, you can assign an account to a particular property. This property assignment is required if you would like to push Accounts to your PMS from Thynk. The label "Hotel" has been changed to "Property" to ensure consistency across Thynk.


Bookings contain details such as the account information, contact for the booking, guest rooms blocked, function rooms, commissions, packages, and more.  Here are the latest updates to help you manage your bookings more effectively and efficiently. 

  • To enable accurate lost business reporting, a new field was added to the booking that automatically captures the date a booking was lost.

  • In a continued effort to standardize labels, additional labels in related lists have been updated from Quote Hotel Rooms to Guest Rooms, Quote Meeting Rooms to Booking Events, Quote Packages and Products to Booking Packages and Products and Function Sheets to BEOs.

  • Across all of Thynk, you'll see that the main guest field (Pax/Expected Guests) has been updated to "Agreed Guests." This is the guest field that impacts pricing.

  • On Booking Combo Item, the fields List Price excl. and incl. tax have been updated to Total Price.

Sales Tax 

  • When taxes are calculated for a booking that contains products without an assigned revenue category, you'll now see a message that indicates which product is missing a revenue category. Example below:

  • For customers using Sales Tax, price including tax is now available for each guest room. This will enable you to toggle to show prices including or excluding tax on the room block manager.

  • For customers using Sales Tax, booking subtotal records will no longer be generated for non-zero tax amounts. 


  • We heard your feedback about not wanting to see notes that were only relevant to yesterday's booking event on today's BEO. BEO notes are now available by day so that you can make sure relevant notes only appear on the days they are needed. Learn more here

  • Please note that these new notes fields must be added to your BEO document templates as well. To set this up, contact Thynk support 

Guest Rooms 

  • On the Room Type object, there is a field to track the maximum number of adults. Previously, this was labeled "Quantity" which created some confusion. Based on your feedback, this label is now "Max Capacity." 

  • The validation message shown when attempting to add guest rooms to the booking after the cutoff date has passed has been improved.

  • When managing guest rooms, events and products on a booking, the total guests can never exceed the guests set at the booking level. For guest rooms, you are now prompted to increase the number of guests on the booking before adding additional rooms. See below:

  • Additional criteria was added for the Room Block Manager to allow admins to configure the number of days before and after arrival. Sales managers will now automatically see shoulder dates on the grid. 

Booking Events 

In our June release, new attendance tracking fields were added to the Booking Event (Agreed, Actual, Expected, Guaranteed and Set Guests). Now you can use these fields with our Multi-edit feature when adjusting attendance values across multiple events on a booking. 

  • For example, a customer calls to let you know that there have been some last minute cancellations. 

    • You can select all the events that will be impacted by cancellations and update the “New Expected Guests.” 

Rooming List

  • When changes are made to guest records either in Thynk or in the PMS, any rooming list records for that guest are updated to reflect changes to: 

First Name 

Last Name 



  • To see these changes reflected in the rooming list, you will have to check the "Generate Rooming List" box to regenerate the most up to date rooming list. 

  • In a previous release, changes were made to the Rooming List functionality so that when guests were linked to reservations, those guests became the owner of the reservation in the PMS. While this is desired for some of our customers, in many cases, the main customer should continue to own the reservation, not the individual guest. To that end, there is a new custom setting to determine if you’d like the customer to always match the reservation guest. Reach out to Thynk support if you’d like to adjust this setting. 

Function Spaces

  • When a booking event’s reservation status is updated, we now update the color of the event in the function diary according to your organization’s function diary colour mapping. 

  • When a function space is a “parent” of combination spaces, any time an event is booked in the parent space, any child combination spaces are also reserved for the event's duration.  Previously, these combined events always appeared in a gray color on the scheduler. Starting in this release, any combined events will match the primary's events status and colour on the function diary. You can tell that an event is a shadow event when there is a lock icon and diagonal stripes on the function diary. See below screenshot.


  • Rate products can now be applied “Once” on a booking, meaning they are applied either to check in/ or check out one time, regardless of the length of a reservation. Learn more here .

Package Admin

  • Based on  your feedback from our Thynk it Through session, we've added additional enhancement to Packages in Thynk. When creating packages, admins can set a minimum and maximum number of guests. Read more about creating packages here .

    • As your sales team adds packages to bookings, they'll notice that if they add a package to a booking and the guest count is under the minimum or above the maximum amount defined, they will receive an error and will not be able to add the package unless the number of guests is modified. 

  • When creating packages, admins have the ability to set long text descriptions in up to three languages. In this release, the booking package creation process was updated to ensure that all three description fields carry over.  

Sales Admin

  • We have heard your  feedback about the need for consistent note taking by different sales team members. We are excited to announce a new feature for property admins: Description Templates! Learn more here .

    • On the Property layout, you’ll now see the description section. 

  • Thynk offers a great solution for managing your tasks related to prospecting, sales outreach, and booking management. However, these task lists are most valuable when they are well organized. When automated tasks are created for new bookings, those tasks are no longer needed if the business is lost. 

    • A new custom setting is now available that enables you to pick a booking status at which you want tasks to be automatically canceled. If you pick a status, then these tasks will automatically be canceled and you will have a cleaner to do list in Thynk. 

    • This setting can only be enabled by admins for the entire property. Reach out to Thynk support to set this up. 

  • We've continued to listen to your feedback and improve labels in Thynk. "Forecast Items" are now "Sales Goals." Read more about how admins can create Sales Goals here

  • If you are creating a property specific Sales Goal, the  accounting categories and business segments are now filtered to only those that are assigned to the selected property.  

Sales Program (Sales Tactics)

With this release, "Sales Tactics" was renamed to "Sales Program." Sales programs can be used to track any sort of campaign run by your sales team. Sales Program Invitations are also now available. This allows sales managers to track which contacts were invited to specific campaigns like cocktail hours or industry events and then log attendance to measure success of programs. 

Labels & Other Misc. Updates

Standard labels have been updated on the Invoice object for Comments and Payment Conditions. 

PMS Connectivity

Two-way integrations with PMS  providers ensure that your data is always up-to-date and clean. We include integration with Oracle Opera, Mews and Stayntouch. As you share your feedback, we continue to optimize the experience and take advantage of new features that our partners are releasing on their roadmap.  Here are some of the features we have added to the Thynk platform to create a seamless experience where you can do your work in Thynk and trust that data is flowing with your other systems.


  • With this release, we are pleased to announce the availability of a full 2-way integration with Stayntouch. Learn more about the full set of features here .


  • For Mews customers, if you create an account in Thynk by checking "Create Account" on the PMS Account, the primary address will be copied to both billing and shipping address.

  • In Mews, you can configure up to three different age categories, for example Infant (0-3), Child (4-12) and Senior (55 and above). Age category pricing is now included in the Mews integration. Learn more about Age Categories here .

  • Resource categories for guest rooms and function spaces are now included in the Mews -> Thynk integration.

Reports & Dashboards

Your data is your most valuable asset.  We want to bring its value to life for you and make it easier for you to gain powerful insights with our solution.  To make this a reality, we have new reports and dashboards included in this latest release.  

You can find the latest reports in a new folder called Thynk Reports on the Reports tab.  Here are the details of the latest reports and how you can leverage them:

Kitchen Report

  • The Kitchen report used by the kitchen staff at your property to inform food purchasing and monitor product inventory for upcoming events.

Event Forecast

  • Catering Managers can use the Event Forecast report to analyze total revenue by type and status for a specified date range.

Groups In House

  • The Groups In House report shows the upcoming groups that have meetings scheduled in a meeting space for the current week.

Updates to Activity Report

  • The Activity Report will now display who the activities are assigned to.

  • The Account Listing report will now only show grand totals by default and allow the user to select ‘subtotals’ if they wish to see them. The groupings by email and phone have been removed from the report.

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